About us


The purpose (objective) of the Organization is to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, to satisfy public interests through non-formal education and cultural and artistic activities.

The areas of activity of the Organization are:

  • Training and provision of informational, advisory and technical assistance to civil society organizations.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and best practices for the development of local self-government. Support and popularization of the idea of sustainable development and ecological design in local communities.
  • Assisting authorities in reforming the housing and communal sphere, energy and mining industries, state authorities and local self-government and providing advisory assistance on these issues.
  • Adult education, educational courses, seminars, trainings, etc.
  • Social theater activity.
  • Public control and representation of public interests.
  • Study of public opinion, surveys and sociological research.
  • Implementation of programs related to improving the social, economic and legal status of citizens from vulnerable groups.
  • Collection, distribution and use of voluntary donations and contributions of individuals and legal entities, foreign states and international organizations; international technical assistance.

Our statute can be found here