Theater of Modern Dialogue is a social theater in Poltava

Plays, performances, readings of modern drama, creation of documentaries that provoke society to dialogue and search for ways to solve urgent problems that are always relevant.

Since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion in 2022, the theatre has been creating readings and performances that help to establish cohesion, shared experience of wartime crises, contribute to rethinking the present and perform a therapeutic function.

The theater works according to its own unique methodology and spreads it among the communities in Ukraine and abroad. It spreads its knowledge, helping to create similar to the Theater of Modern Dialogue – theater venues that help communities cope with today’s challenges.

The NGO “Poltava Branch of Social Service of Ukraine” together with the Theater of Modern Dialogue in 2021 won and presented Ukraine with its own non-formal education program, that the Theater of Modern Dialogue uses in its works, in the competition of programs “Building lifelong learning systems: skills for green and inclusive societies into the digital era” jointly with UNESCO and in cooperation with the EBRD and UNICEF, organized by the European Education Fund, the EU Agency that supports European Union partner countries in reforming their education, training and labor market systems.

 We invite theater communities, partners and like-minded people from Ukraine and abroad

 to cooperate: implementation of joint projects, exchange of experiences, participation in festivals, etc.

Signature performances of the Theater of Modern Dialogue:

Performance “Office Room No. 333”, 2021

We are talking about corruption and how to overcome it.

The project “CORRUPT:OFF” is a joint project with the Danish Institute of Culture and the C:NTACT theater with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy, House of Europe, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

“The Theory of the Great Filter”, 2016

The play was created on the basis of documentary material: interviews with people of different ages, social statuses, nationalities, beliefs, own thoughts and research of project participants. The questions that were most relevant: why do we use stereotypes: is it a defense or a way to incite enmity? Why information manipulation, hate speech are still there? Why bias crimes are ignored in our country? How can you be tolerant towards the intolerant? And in general, is tolerance a voluntary withstanding of suffering, or a democratic interaction between people?

“Zlatomisto”, 2015

Challenges associated with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Thousands of displaced persons from the East and Crimea lost their homes, jobs, and relatives. Documenting events and stories, the first attempts at socialization, rehabilitation, adaptation of a vulnerable group into new communities, by means of modern theater.



An unconventional film about corruption

Watch the movie at the link:

School of Documentary Cinema “DOKORINNO”

The films can be viewed at the link

The music videos created by the Theater of Modern Dialogue:

Actors of various theaters, from amateur to professional, journalists, public activists, library workers, creative youth, representatives of public organizations are invited to participate in the work of the Theater of Modern Dialogue.

In order for the artistic tool of TMD to work effectively, the participants of the Theater of Modern Dialogue are constantly learning.

Professional directors, playwrights, actors, scenographers, theater managers, theater critics conduct trainings and master classes for TMD participants. These are artists and experts with an active public position who work with the following issues: discrimination, gender, hate speech, information manipulation, human rights, civic competence, etc.

The training makes it possible to consciously work with documentary material, to acquire skills in its demonstration by means of theater. And, most importantly, to understand the importance and magnitude of the problems that hinder the development of a democratic and successful society.

The Theater of Modern Dialogue is a structural unit of the Poltava branch of the Public Service of Ukraine.

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