Public Service of Ukraine



Poltava branch of Public Service of Ukraine: “Building civil society for over 30 years”

From the declaration of Ukraine’s Independence to the present day, our civil society is constantly struggling with many challenges – from the uncertainty and poverty of the 90s to the war of today. There are a number of public organizations that have been operating for a long time, responding quickly to public requests and that are an important part of the development and support of the Ukrainian community. One of such organizations is Poltava branch of Public Service of Ukraine.  

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The twentieth anniversary Traveling Docudays UA in Poltava and the region!

In 2007, our organization joined the Traveling Festival, and since then Poltava residents have the opportunity to watch documentaries about human rights every autumn.

The films of Mandrivny Docudays UA are true and important films about the current challenges of today: the victory of justice, environmental problems, preservation of cultural heritage.
The central theme of 20 Docudays UA — “Image of the future” — is what we should imagine and start realizing now.

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