“Painting Party”
Day Camp For Children In Villages

Hello! This is a page about a camp where children in the villages can get acquainted with the art of comics, create, invent heroes and stories.

What is this party?

The project began in 2023 in the small village of Yuskivtsi, Myrhorod district, Poltava region. For three weeks, several hours a day, the children mastered the art of comics, talked, walked in the fresh air, read comics, invented new ones, and, of course, drew.

At the end, together with the organizers, they held an exhibition to which relatives, friends and fellow villagers were invited.

The camp was held in a local village club on the initiative and with the participation of a director of documentary films, trainer of non-formal education Nadia Mykolaienko: “I grew up in Yuskivtsi, my family is here. And I want my younger brother Vsevolod and his peers to spend this summer a little more excitingly and usefully.”

Why comics?

Because everyone can draw, and fantasize – too.

Comics are fascinating, have a wide range of creative tools and require minimal costs to create.

To do what?

To care and support.

Previously, the small village did not have a lot of entertainment and opportunities – but now the war is even more limiting, affecting, unnerving. It is more difficult to arrange children in the camp, it is more difficult to dare to let them go to visit their relatives.

The format of the small day camp, where the atmosphere of creativity, freedom and mutual support prevails, was so liked by the children that they already want to continue this year. The organizers also strive to scale the idea and work with children in other villages (especially those that are distant from big cities).


The camp is completely free for participants. All materials are provided by the organizers. Benefactors (followers on social networks) helped cover the costs of classes in Yuskivtsi, the project does not yet have funding. So if you want to support the Painting Party and contribute to the development of children in small villages, the form for support is below:

And if you want to bring the Painting party to your village, or join the project team in any useful way, fill out the application below with the subject of the letter “Painting party”:

Answers to possible questions:

  • What age is the camp for?– 8-13 years, but there may be exceptions.
  • What will be required from the local community? – Help with organization of the venue, accommodation for the team. The rest of the support is optional.
  • Is it important to be able to draw? – No. Everyone can draw! The main thing is the child’s desire to learn new things and have fun.

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Pages of founder Nadia Mykolaienko:

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